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7R’s of Logistics Management Services

Since we have discussed the definition and meaning of SCM and Logistics, we will now talk about 7 major requirements in order for a logistics management service provider in the Philippines to be successful.
Here the R means Right.
Here are the 7 R’s of LMS:

7 R's of Logistics Management Service

Right Quantity

It means getting the Right product, in the Right quantity, in the Right condition, at the Right place, at the Right Time, to the Right Customer, at the Right price.

Right Product

A company that offers this kind of service must first know the kind of products that they are going to handle and transport. Having the right knowledge will give you an advantage to properly and efficiently manage both your time and resources.

Right Place

Courier services provided by an LMS company must have knowledgeable drivers as well as a systematic delivery system and tracking. Both customer and the provider must have a synchronized location tracking to ensure that the products are delivered to the right place.

Right Price

Pricing is very essential and all products and services. They must have an appropriate price value in order to track the company’s income and expenses. A good system for storing and updating the right prices ensures success in ¬†LMS.

Right Customer

Every LMS Provider must know their target market to identify the right customers. If they will offer their services to the right market, they have more chances of gaining leads and customers that will most likely to avail them. Some use traditional marketing while others use digital marketing to reach more customers around the globe.

Right Condition

Every product or goods that are to be entrusted by the customers to LMS providers must be stored and delivered with the right condition. This is where the specifications must be referred to in order to place it on the required facilities to maintain its quality.

Right Time

Time is very important when it comes to logistics, clients are more concern on the time of delivery. That is why every service provider must know the right time to deliver the products and in a very efficient way. Every system has a tracking functionality to monitor all deliveries and making sure that they arrive on time.

Right Quantity

Knowing and specifying the right quantity is also one of the keys to successful LMS. Since most of the providers are the third party, companies that rely on their service. At that time must be careful in sending the right amount or quantity of goods to be delivered. Thanks to our modern technological developments that 3PLs can now manage all quantities of goods to deliver.

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