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A career in Supply Chain Management & Logistics

Logistics and transportation is an aspect of our lives that, we cannot do without. You might not be a practitioner in logistics but one way or the other, you will feel the impact of logistics and transport. For example, anytime you need any item, you go to the market or the malls or any place you could get the item you want and then purchase it. After purchase you need to transport it home or to the destination you wish.

How could you have done this without the help of Logistics and transportation?

Taking Logistics and Transportation as a profession is never a wrong or wasted action. It is a fast-growing profession, so far as Inquiring about a product, Buying, Importing or Exporting, etc. is an everyday thing.

Logistics and Supply Chain Management has seen a various transformation over the periods, and yet still seek to keep transforming as time run by. Introductions of Information Technology have also added much impact on Logistics and SCM making it a great course to pursue. Information and Technology is taking over the globe, so it is with Logistics and transport.

It is therefore important to get the needed understanding and knowledge to know how to manage logistics hence the course: Logistics and Transport Management.

Why study Supply Chain Management?

The last few decades have seen tremendous growth in world trade. Products are manufactured in one place, then shipped and sold in other places all over the world. Globalization has been the major driver of economic growth.

That means that for many large organizations, managing their supply chains has become increasingly important. In fact, many of the world’s most successful businesses owe their success to efficient supply chain management.

Any girl looking for an opportunity in Logistics? Keep reading until the end.

Career perspectives are ideal for graduates with a degree in Supply Chain Management or Logistics. I expect to work in a fascinating context with many international assignments. And things are going to become even more exciting in the coming years and decades. Innovations like autonomous warehouses, self-driving trucks, and ships, drones certainly shake things up. A university education focusing on supply chain management will guarantee plenty of job options.

What should I study for a career in Supply Chain Management & Logistics?

For most positions, companies will hire graduates from Business Studies, PGDM or MBA programs, as long as you have had the chance to take courses about SCM and Logistics. And because these subjects are so important to so many corporations, they are covered at least to some extent in virtually every general business study program.

Where can I work with a degree in Supply Chain Management?

With a degree in Logistics or Supply Chain Management, you are well-equipped to work in a wide range of industries. In fact, it is not unusual for professionals to switch between industries after a few years of work experience. Many of the relevant best practices are the same or at least similar.

Few examples of the types of companies that would hire graduates from Supply Chain Engineering degrees or similar fields:

  • Consumer electronics (Apple, Samsung)
  • Automotive sector (Volkswagen, BMW)
  • Aviation (Airbus, Boeing)
  • Machinery (Caterpillar, Volvo)
  • Resources & Mining (Glencore, BHP Billiton)
  • Logistics, Transportation & Shipping (Maersk, FedEx, DHL)
  • Retail (Amazon, Amazon, H&M, Carrefour)
  • Consulting (McKinsey, Boston Consulting Group, EY, KPMG)

Your responsibilities may vary from position to position. The most typical job titles and tasks include

  • Buyer, Purchaser or Purchase Manager: You identify and select new suppliers, negotiate deals and evaluate existing suppliers.
  • Buyer, Purchaser or Purchase Manager: You manage production schedules, forecast the future needs of supplies and coordinate those requirements with other departments.
  • Inventory Specialist: You are responsible for the level and quality of inventory, monitor and optimize the inventory flow and the processes in distribution centers.
  • Transportation Coordinator: You handle relationships with logistics carriers and ensure that products get delivered on schedule.
  • Supply Chain Manager: Depending on the industry and company, this role might combine many of the responsibilities listed for the other job titles above.
  • Demand Planning Analyst: It is responsible for managing stock levels and purchasing goods, as well as for analyzing the inventory and billing processes.
  • Procurement Manager: You would be responsible for buying goods for your company at the most competitive prices. This is a good career option if you have excellent communication and negotiation skills.
  • Distribution Center (DC) Supervisor: Managing the daily activities of the distribution center. Not only do these professionals manage expenses and minimize loss, but they are also responsible for maximizing revenue and ensuring that all goods are sent off to customers at the right time.
  • Supply Chain Consultant: You give advice regarding vendor and inventory management. Supply chain consultants are important for small businesses that would like to have a third-party perspective regarding their supply chain activities. 
  • Other areas of specialization in logistics and supply chain management include:
    • Manufacturing
    • Retail
    • Customer Relationship Management
    • Human Resource
    • Sales
    • Marketing

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Singapore was only an island surrounded by an ocean, they have no resources only what they have was fishes in the ocean there logistics department was so strong they supply fisheries to all part of the world which help them in becoming one of the developed nation, there logistics department is so good.. That many other nation give money to them for transporting their good to another country, a logistic and supply chain student Dream of getting his training from singapore

Yes, you are right. Students who are interested in Logistics for a minimum 1 time should try for those areas.

This posts will let many students like us to grow thier knowledge in the field of logistics & supply chain…👍

Thank you for commenting. Yes sure, if possible share with others so that someone can get benefits from that.

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