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Green Supply Chain: FM Logistics

The two brothers, Claude and Edmond Faure built a transport company in the year of 1960 in France. They decided to launch their small wood transport company. Also at the same time, Jean-Marie Machet took the reins of his family-run transport company. The meeting of Mireille Machet and Claude Faure was to affect the destiny […]

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Automation in e-commerce companies in India & Worldwide

Automation is the creation of technology and its application in order to control and monitor the production and delivery of various goods and services. It performs tasks that were previously performed by humans. Logistics automation is the application of computer software or automated machinery to improve the efficiency of logistics operations. Typically this refers to operations within a warehouse or distribution center, with broader tasks undertaken […]

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A career in Supply Chain Management & Logistics

Logistics and transportation is an aspect of our lives that, we cannot do without. You might not be a practitioner in logistics but one way or the other, you will feel the impact of logistics and transport. For example, anytime you need any item, you go to the market or the malls or any place […]

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Indian Logistics Performance as per World Bank

The Logistics Performance Index (LPI) is an interactive benchmarking tool created by the World Bank to help countries identify the challenges and opportunities they face in their performance on trade logistics and what they can do to improve their performance. The Indian logistics sector is on a big growth tide. According to the domestic rating […]

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What is Hub, Warehouse, Distribution Center, Fulfillment Center & Difference

Hub Hub refers to a central warehouse that’s used to deliver to various destinations in SCM. That may be customers, stores, or other smaller warehouses. It’s an important part of the supply chain strategy. Hub is used to optimizing the overall transportation costs. Favorite logistics Hub center in India is Bhiwandi. The road from Mumbai to Nashik cuts […]

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Top 10 Logistics Companies in India

Look at the top 10 Logistics Companies in India. This list includes DHL. BlueDart, FedEx, Safexpress, CONCOR, TNT, TCI, etc. Container Corporation of India (CONCOR) Container Corporation of India Ltd. is a Navratna Public Sector Undertaking under the Indian Ministry of Railways. Incorporated in March 1988 under the Companies Act. However, CONCOR commenced operations in […]